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Potty Pal Spray

Potty Pal Spray

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Potty Pal Spray is the perfect solution for pet owners looking to potty train their furry friends! This specially formulated spray is designed to attract your pet to a specific spot for potty training, making it easy and convenient for you and your pet. The spray is made with natural and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort during use. Simply spray Potty Pal on a designated area such as a pee pad or grass patch, and watch as your pet is drawn to the scent. With consistent use, your pet will learn to associate the scent with potty time and will be able to easily locate the designated spot. Potty Pal Spray is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for puppies, kittens, and even older pets who need a little extra help with their potty training. Say goodbye to messy accidents and frustrating potty training sessions with the help of Potty Pal Spray.

The package includes:
1 x Pet training spray

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