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Love N Leash



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 Introducing our tough and durable pet bowl, made from food-grade materials that are safe and non-toxic. With its high-temperature resistance and high material hardness, this pet bowl is designed to withstand daily use and is much less fragile than ordinary ceramic cat bowls.

Featuring a 15-degree tilt design, this pet bowl is easy to eat from, with a scientific oblique mouth design that protects your pet's cervical spine. The arc-shaped design ensures that your pet can eat comfortably while keeping the food in place. Plus, the triangular support base provides stability and an anti-overturning design to prevent spills and messes.

Available in a variety of colors including Green, Yellow, Red, and Pink, to truly capture your pet's personality. Give your furry friend the gift of comfortable, safe, and easy meal times with our high-quality pet bowl. 

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1x Pet bowl

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